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Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motorcyclists, horse riders to name a few, but each and everyone have a right to travel and use the road safely.

HOW CAN YOU AS A RESPONSIBLE HGV DRIVER help to make this happen and avoid unnecessary collisions?

· Watch your speed

· Be aware of your surroundings

· Be considerate to other road users

· Be patient

· Look out for the unexpected to happen including mistakes made by others

· Never drive whilst using your mobile phone

· All professional drivers should complete a dynamic risk assessment regularly

PEDESTRIANS – When pedestrians are crossing the road, give them plenty of time to do so especially the elderly and disabled. Stop at Zebra Crossings if someone is waiting and always at School Crossings. Children are small and when out on their own do not always see the danger of crossing the road, so be aware and keep your speed down as this could be a matter of life or death.

CYCLISTS – Be aware of cyclists by giving them plenty of room at all times. Keep checking your mirrors, think bike think twice as they say. When turning left, check your mirrors to make sure there are no cyclists coming up on the inside of you and never turn left immediately after passing them. Cyclist lanes are exactly that, not for the wheels of your truck. When you are stationary and prepare to disembark from your cab, always check your mirrors before opening your door for cyclists or other hazards which may be close to you.

MOTORCYCLISTS – As with cyclists, motorcyclists are not always seen by the driver of an HGV vehicle, so keep checking your mirrors before any manoeuvres are made by yourself and be aware of them weaving in and out of stationary traffic. As above, before disembarking from your cab when you are stationary, always check your mirror for motorcyclists or other hazards which may be close to you.

HORSERIDERS - Keep your speed down, never rev up behind the horse as this will only spook them and endanger the life of its rider as will, increasing your speed when overtaking or being impatient and sounding your horn so - give them plenty of room when overtaking, keep your speed down whilst making this manoeuvre and never sound your horn.

We all want to get home safely, so by thinking and abiding by the above, you can help make this happen – REMEMBER it is better to be late than never get to your destination. SAFE JOURNEYS TO YOU ALL!!

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